We offer services that support all accounting, tax, regulatory and compliance requirements of the legal entities we service. The scope of our services include company formation, corporate management, administration, accounting, financial reporting and legal and secretarial services. In addition, we offer technology solutions to ensure efficient operations and a safe and streamlined exchange of information

Directorship and Domiciliation services

  • Provision of a registered address;
  • Receipt of all correspondence;
  • Safe keeping of all books and records at the registered address;
  • Provision of meeting rooms.

Finance and Accounting services 

  • Definition of an accounting plan, group accounting procedures and the precise yearly timetable;
  • Bookkeeping, kept on an annual basis according to the accounting calendar agreed;
  • Preparation of statutory annual accounts in line with general accepted accounting principles of the Netherlands;
  • Operation and maintenance of bank accounts with all accepted banks;
  • Coordination of payroll services including monthly payments and filing of wage tax returns.

Corporate services

  • Performance of all deposit and publication formalities (financial statements, changes of managers, etc.) legally required;
  • Company secretarial assistance to and drafting minutes/resolutions of the general meetings of shareholders and management board meetings;
  • Maintenance of all corporate records (shareholders’ register, minutes of board meetings and of shareholders’ meetings etc.);
  • Follow up of any specific activities (investments, acquisitions, interim dividends, corporate restructurings etc.).

Private wealth structuring  services

  • Personalised services for families and their heritage;
  • Estate planning facilitation and continuance services;
  • Personalised integrity services.

Dissolution and Liquidation services

  • Performance and coordination of dissolution and liquidation formalities;
  • To act as Liquidator;
  • Custodian of the Books and Records;
  • Follow up on dissolution and liquidation activities related to corporate restructurings, corporate winding ups and corporate divestments.