The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a small but economically attractive country. Political extremes hardly exist. As a result of the multiple party system, governments always comprise of coalitions of multiple parties, which guarantees a rather stable centre political climate.

Investment climate is generally good and The Netherlands are still strong in attracting foreign investors with a proper and well balanced fiscal policy, both on country and municipality level.

The Netherlands is reputed for its infrastructure. Amsterdam Schiphol airport is one of Europe’s most modern and largest airports. Transport of goods by barges and trains are excellent for its wide spread water and railway network. Rotterdam is still the main port for transport of goods to Europe’s continent.

 And the workforce of the Dutch is skilled and at very high, multi-language level. In particular in the industry of corporate management and financial services industry, the Netherlands can boast on a long experience of skilled university trained people.

In conjunction with the tax advantageous regime, the solid legal system and the experience, The Netherlands is very strong in our industry.